6 Ways Yogic Breathing Can Make Your Life A Billion Times Better


Yogic breathing is a simple way you can put a stop to every day stresses and improve your health in more ways than one. Health professional, Nathan Baldwin shows us how.

Ever heard about the total body hack of yogic breathing for a healthy mind and body? Well yep, it's a thing. And with just a few small changes in technique you can breathe to destress and improve your physical, social and mental health anywhere, anytime!

Controlling the breath through use of your diaphragm stimulates the tenth cranial nerve, the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve is responsible for sending signals from our brain to our heart, lungs and digestive tract to create a calming, stress reducing response.

Vagus nerve activation with yogic breathing is an incredible way to decrease stress on both your brain and organs. It stimulates our brains to send messages to rest and digest, increasing the activity of blood to parts of the body including the digestive and reproductive organs. Umm, we're already sold! But if you need anymore convincing, read on.


Top 6 Ways Yogic Breathing Can Make Your Life A Billion Times Better

  1. Improved sleep – unwinding throughout the day will help you relax for a deeper, more improved sleep.
  2. Love your work – destressing will provide a more positive outlook on your work
  3. Improved mood – yogic breathing is linked with improved mental health
  4. Better bowels – breathing before meals will improve digestion and bowel health
  5. Improved energy – your sleep and increased nutrient absorption will both have a great impact on energy through the day
  6. Happy at home – leave the stress at work and live in the present moment


Where could I use yogic breathing? ­

At the dinner table – doing this before eating will improve digestion of the meal as well as relax all the family members to improve social interaction and family harmony.

At work meetings – yogic breathing improves the mood and outlook of each staff member, make them more attentive and utilise their right brain for more abstract and improved problem solving skills on tricky issues

Throughout the day – doing yogic breathing 2-3 times throughout the day can help to minimise the burden of life’s smaller problems and improve your mood as well as productivity.

Before bed – winding down just before going to bed on top of doing yogic breathing throughout the day can help you fall asleep quicker for a deeper and more restful sleep.


How do I start?

All you need is a 3-5 minute break and a clock!

  • Breathe in – extend your stomach out
  • Breathe out – bring your stomach in
  • Breath timing – breathe in slowly for 5 seconds, out slowly for 5 seconds
  • Get a good rhythm going for ~2 minutes using the clock
  • Continue breathing and close your eyes
  • Picture your most calming environment – a forest, beach, mountain, wherever!
  • Stay in your environment as long as you’re comfortable, slowly open your eyes.
  • Take a minute to recognise how you feel
  • Have a quick walk to get some water or tea before getting back into your day!


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