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7 ways to keep the Wanderlust vibes flowing


If you were lucky enough to attend a Wanderlust 108 event, you’d know that blissful feeling we’re talking about. If you’re about to attend one soon, be prepared to have your heart opened, your mind transformed, and your body nourished.

As much as we’d love to be able to collect, distill and distribute the essence of the festival, you’ll have to make do with a bottle of PERKii and the following tips!


1. Get a little sweaty


The first leg of the mindful triathlon was a 5km run or walk, although studies show that you can complete any type of cardio for more than 30 minutes and start to feel an immediate benefit in mood and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. Completing this exercise in nature, particularly around greenery or water, amplifies this feel-good response. You only had to look at the happy faces crossing the finish line at Wanderlust to see this in action!

Wanderlust 108 5K run (or walk)



Also, notice how there was no timing, no winners, no strict start or finish times? It’s no coincidence! Research has found that the absence of competition in exercise can be extremely soothing for the mind.


2. Stretch it out


Although it would be amazing to have a yoga instructor like Tahl Rinsky in our own backyard, you can create your own little slice of Wanderlust after an aerobic workout by simply taking yourself through your own yoga flow or gentle stretches.

If you require a little more guidance, check out websites such as YogaGlo (which has premium monthly membership options) or Do Yoga With Me (which is free) – these feature yoga instructors from all over the world, wherever you have access to a screen!


3. The sedation of meditation

Wanderlust 108 mindful triathlon


Duncan Peak of Power Living Yoga guided Melbourne through a stunning mindfulness meditation, filled with themes of being connected to a higher power and doing good in the world. Tears were shed, hugs were exchanged, and the vibration was raised! Capture this feeling by trying a guided meditation app such as Calm, Headspace or Smiling Mind, or check out Tara Brach’s free meditations here, to wrap up your DIY Wanderlust.





4. Don’t go it alone


The shared positive energy at Wanderlust 108 was contagious – we physically held each other up during yoga postures, we gave our neighbours high-fives, we even massaged each other’s shoulders! Perhaps your next catch up with a favourite friend can involve checking out your local yoga studio, or taking a walk through a beautiful park. There is so much joy to be gained from having a strong sense of community and belonging.


5. Try something new

The shared positive energy at Wanderlust 108 is contagious


Beyond the mindful triathlon, the beauty of Wanderlust was the ability to try a new activity in a supportive environment! Perhaps you picked up a hoop for the first time, or tried some beautiful aerial yoga, or partnered up and tried to fly during AcroYoga – now’s the time to go out in the community and put those new skills to use. Whether you get an incredible workout or you end up in stiches of laughter, it will be good for you either way!


6. Nourish your body


When trying to recreate the experiences of all five senses from Wanderlust, don’t forget taste! From the gut-loving probiotics of PERKii, to the warming golden lattes, not to mention the amazing food vendors – it’s the perfect opportunity to indulge in some new tastes, which all happen to be exceptionally good for you.

Popping your favourite PERKii flavour in the fridge, buying some new tea, or trying out a new recipe is an easy (and delicious) way to time travel back to the day.


7. Pay it forward

Whilst in a dreamy, meditative state, with the sun beating down, Duncan Peak delivered a very clear message: the universe sent you. For whatever cause you’re passionate about, for the things which get you fired up, for the worlds’ many injustices: the universe sent you. It’s a powerful sentiment, and if we all live with that mentality, suddenly it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. So ask yourself – what were you sent for? And are you acting upon it? Where can you start?


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