Giving feels good: make Christmas shopping work for you this year!


Most of us were raised to believe that money is a finite resource. Theres only so much to go around and the more you give the less you have.

But… generosity has been scientifically proven, over and over again, to make you feel really good. And I think we all know from our own experience that giving feels lovely, and being stingy feels kinda gross.

So why are you standing in the checkout line this Christmas, barely breathing, as you prepare to tap that credit card one more time?

Its all got to do with finding your comfort zones, where your boundaries are in relation to your unique beliefs around money, abundance, lack and fear. I’m a firm believer that almost anything can be turned into a spiritual practice, a surf, a meal, or a walk in the park. Christmas shopping is no different. If we can bring the sprit of mindfulness to our giving this year, then we may more easily find the spirit of generosity.

First of all, there are lots of expectations layered around Christmas. The key is to try to drop out of that space of fear and expectation, and turn inward. Somewhere between your fears around whether the present you give is big enough, and the fears you hold around not having enough of your own money come January, is a place that feels just right. Its like Goldilocks, give too little and you’ll feel stingy, give too much and you’ll hyperventilate. Where is that place for you?

Only we can know our own unique preferences for giving, and this year, if there’s not a lot of cash flowing around, can you give more time instead? Can you prioritise a few hours to whip up a bliss ball mix: layering each ingredient into pretty into a glass jar with a handwritten instructions on how to add the liquid? Can you offer to babysit your sisters children? Can you put more thought, and less money, to the experience?

You see generosity isn’t about money. Money is really just a form of energy that we exchange, and there are many other energies that you can harness and give. Sometimes it takes being super brave to go against the grain, so don’t be afraid to have a chat to your family, let them know what giving means to you this year.

Make Christmas work for your happiness, not against. If you catch yourself feeling stressed, overwhelmed or resentful, take a few moments to sit down, breathe, and check in with what you’re afraid of. Find a new way to access the practice of generosity and let yourself feel a billion times better this year.

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