How to feel #ABillionTimesBetter after a bender

By Kate Duncan.

Summer brings us beautiful sunshine, and generally a lot of socialising. However, the health of our body can take a bit of a nosedive, especially if we've been going a little hard on the alcoholic beverages!

But don’t worry, there will be no judgement from us here at PERKii. We know all too well that good night out on a balmy summer evening is about as good as it gets. Plus the camping trips, the new year's parties, and Christmas with the family. (We totally, totally get it.)

But we also get that you want to be healthy. We do too. So how do we balance our love of fun with our love of a healthy body? Most importantly, when we inevitably slip up and find ourselves knee deep in a bender, how can we avoid the sheer misery that greets us with the cheery rising sun?

I must be honest and remind you that the BEST way to feel better after a bender is to take care of how much you drink. You can have just as much fun (probably more to be honest) if you opt for pleasantly tipsy over totally hammered, and your friends will like you better too.

All best intentions aside, sometimes it happens. The morning comes and all you want to do is find a cave to hide in. In my opinion there’s nothing worse than missing a beautiful summers day because of a hangover. I want to see you up and about, out there feeling incredible! To give you a helping hand, here are my 7 tops tips for how to feel a billion times better after a summer bender.


How to Feel a Billion Times Better


  1. Water, water, water and more water. Alcohol is a diuretic (meaning it makes you pee), so a big night out can leave you pretty flaccid on the inside. Many studies indicate that dehydration is the main culprit for those awful hangover symptoms. 
  1. PERKii (of course we’d say that: but really, it works)! Sub one in between every few glasses of water. Alcohol doesn’t just dehydrate you, it also irritates the lining of your gut and lowers your blood sugar. Each PERKii comes with a billion probiotics which, as we all know, helps to restore a healthy gut. It only comes with 26 calories, so while that will give you a small boost in blood glucose, you’ll want to eat a good meal too… cue tip #3 
  1. Can you say green smoothie and potatoes? It’s a great idea to have a good hearty breakfast complete with all the sugary, carb-y fixings to get your blood sugar up. Also, alcohol can deplete potassium (and usually sodium too): potatoes are a great source of potassium, and if you go generous with the shaker you’ll get your salt fix too. Opt for a smoothie that contains banana and you’re all set.
  1. Jump in the ocean. Can’t find an ocean? Get yourself to any water source: the more natural the better: and dunk your whole self in: head and all. Girls: this is not the time to be precious with hair and makeup. Get in there and swim like a mermaid. Full disclaimer: I’m not sure if there’s scientific evidence to back up this water-dunking method: but it’s what I do and it WORKS!
  1. Laugh, smile, hug, exercise, sit in the sun: whatever you can do to increase the hormone dopamine in your system in a natural way. When you drink, dopamine is the chemical that makes you feel good. At first, it floods your system and you feel amazing. Over time though, alcohol depletes dopamine. Finding a natural way to spike this feel-good chemical is a smart way to avoid needing to hair-of-the-dog-it, or succumb to that 5pm craving for another drink (even when you swore just a few hours ago that you’d never drink again).
  1. If you’ve been going for the booze repeatedly this summer, you could be running low on B vitamins, particularly B12. Animal products are the main source of B12, particularly liver (gross), sardines, clams or tuna. If you’re vegetarian, try milk, eggs and cheese. For vegan’s, your best source will be fortified nutritional yeast. If all else fails, try a good old fashioned Berocca. 
  1. Sleep: A major reason you feel terrible after a bender is the reduced quality of sleep. Alcohol decreases melatonin (the sleep chemical) and disrupts your circadian rhythm. It also reduces the amount of time you spend in REM. Poor quality sleep leads to all kinds of problems: reduced liver function, low mood, leaky gut (yet another reason to keep up your PERKii regime) and depression to name a few. Taking a nap the day after may help you feel better, but more important is to get back to a normal sleep schedule as soon as possible. Get yourself to bed early that next night, and preferably without another drink!


So, next time you find yourself out and about on a gorgeous summer night, remember that pacing yourself is key. And if you do forget to keep things pleasantly tipsy (hey, again no judgements from us), we hope these tips and tricks will do you well.


Happy summer, friends. Cheers to feeling #ABillionTimesBetter.

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