How to keep your motivation burning through the colder months


Finding it hard to keep motivated during winter? Accredited Exercise Physiologist Kitty Chao shows you how to get back on track and keep your motivation through the colder months.

When the temperature is descending and the daytime light is lessening, it doesn't help the motivation levels for training over winter, right? But if you're tempted to hit the snooze button in the morning, remember this – staying motivated during the chillier months requires a change to only one thing: your MINDSET.

So if your exercise routine has gone into temporary hibernation, here are seven quick ways to get you back on track and feeling a billion times better.


1. Train for an event

There’s nothing like having a short-term goal to work towards and to keep you on track with training. During winter there are runs like City2Surf, which are not only great events, but a perfect excuse to brave the elements in preparation.

2. Treat (and reward) yo'self

What's more rewarding and motivating than buying yourself some slick new workout gear for that new body of yours? Treat yo self! Slipping on some shiny new kicks or feeling on point in your latest workout threads may just be the motivation you need to brave the gym. It's the little things, after all.

3. Join a group class

Buddy up and train with a friend – you won’t want to let them down by flaking on your training session and research suggests you’ll probably find yourself with a new found motivation to train harder and better with a little competition and encouragement. If you love running, join a running group such as park run! Nothing motivates you more than a group of people with the same mindset.

4. Sleep in your training gear! 

That way there's no excuses when that alarm goes off in the morning – you're already ready to move!

5. Try something new

This could be a new class or something out of the ordinary, like hip hop yoga, F45 or even Pilates. If you live near the snow why not try out skiing or snowboarding?

6. Keep you goals small and achievable

Set small goals for yourself - every 6 weeks and then the bigger picture (at the end of winter). This way achieving the smaller goals can lead to the bigger picture. Makes sense right?

7. Accentuate the positive

Like they say, accentuate the positive! Lack of motivation can make you feel tired, depressed and a bit ‘meh’. But we all know that when you exercise you feel more energetic, your stress levels reduce, your mood lifts and you feel better about yourself. So use the promise of those feel good endorphins to to tip your motivation levels, get you back on track and keep your exercise game strong.

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