How to : self care this silly season


It’s when we need Self-Care the most that we’re least likely to make time for it. When life gets crazy or we’re super busy it can be counter intuitive to stand stubbornly amidst our own haste and say YES to ourselves.

It’s far more likely that we’ll get swept away by our tasks, to-do’s, and external commitments, and forget that our physical and mental health are the most important commitments of all.

Being stubborn about self care will keep you sane through the busy Christmas season. And remember, the harder it feels to take a time out, the more likely it is you need it!

Here are my top 4 tips to maintaining your favourite daily habits, so you wont have to lose your mind this year:

Be realistic

this might be the time to scale back a little. Less is better than nothing, so stay consistent with a smaller commitment.  Example: Normally meditate for 20 minutes a day? Try 5 or 10, but keep on doing it. Normally eat kale for breakfast? Let yourself indulge a little in Grandma’s famous breakfast bacon, just don’t completely gorge on every pavlova, Tim Tam or Christmas ham that comes your way. If you’re travelling, take your supplements, fave snacks or Perkii’s with you.


If theres something you really can’t do, brainstorm about what you could switch it with. Example: At home you surf for two hours every day, but now you’re in outback Australia on Uncle Ted’s farm. What else could you do to stay sane? Perhaps a 20 minute run at sunrise to get your heart pumping? Or if its water you crave, turn Uncle Ted’s garden hose into a fun water park and get wet! Whatever you do don’t just sit around complaining while you watch surfing on your phone.

Stand up for yourself

Relationships are about compromise, so be the first to honour what makes others happy and then be strong about doing what makes you happy too. This doesn't mean complaining or nagging about how you never get to do what you want. It means being clear about how you plan to spend your day, and then doing it. There’s no need to make a show about it, and if it means getting up half an hour early to get your journalling or gratitude practice done then do it!

Mange Your Time

The number one excuse for not doing self care is, “I don’t have time”. Be on the look out for how you use this sentence. Life isn’t about having time, its about how we choose to use it. When we are tired its easy to rest with tv, wine, or facebook, and while these are all fun ways to spend time, don’t forget that a twenty minute meditation, a brisk walk through nature, or thirty minutes of slow yoga is far more restorative than collapsing into the recliner. If you have time to time to scroll through social media or watch the latest show, then you have time for self care.

We have so much more to give to our friends, family and projects when we are fulfilled. By taking care of you this season, you’ll be able to give everyone the best Christmas gift ever: your very best self.


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