Letting Go of Perfectionism


I recently wrote an article on Relauncher on the topic of ‘being a perfectionist’. The response was incredible with so many people relating and knowing this is a barrier within their lives, especially when trying to find work/life balance.

Can you relate? You are certainly not alone.

As irony has it, being a perfectionist can prevent you from being your best. This includes:
– Procrastination, whilst waiting for the perfect moment
– Missing the bigger picture
– Becoming less effective and efficient
– Pondering on problems which can be overcome with simple solutions

Remember, we never start where we end. ‘Putting off starting’ as a result of perfectionism can be detrimental for self-development and your work.

I encourage you gently, to let go and take a step forward in the direction or task which has been standing in your way. I can almost guarantee it’ll put a smile on your face and give you courage to continue.
You may find that it frees your mind and gives back time. Something that we all benefit from given we are all multi-tasking and short of time!

Below are 3 tips to being a healthy perfectionist:
– Set a time limit on how long a task should take
– Understand your bigger picture / vision
– Put concerns into perspective (this is far more easily done once you know your vision)

Give it a go and enjoy the new-found freedom!

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