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Morning Rituals for a Productive Day

Written by Alison Morgan, Online Small Business Coach, Relauncher. 

We all want to have a great day and to finish it off feeling like we’ve achieved something.
I find that starting my days off with morning rituals allows for exactly this to happen. Whether you’re running your own business, have a growing family or simply super busy, having morning rituals can give you back time and also set you up for a fabulous day.

Below are a few simple ways to upscale your day:

Beat the Day
During Winter, it’s harder than ever to get out of bed. While this is the case, it’s still the perfect time to get a head-start on your day.
One of the best ways to increase productivity and concentration for the day ahead is to exercise. I use an app and workout at home. Exercising in the comfort of your house may be more preferable if you prefer not to step out while it’s still dark, or because it’s too cold or because it’s more affordable.
Alternatively, get a head start on your emails so you can enjoy your morning walk, breakfast or coffee when the sun rises.
Or if you have a family, give yourself this time to soak up the peace and quiet and get cracking on tasks before you have school runs or sports drop offs to worry about.

Know your Calendar
I set myself daily tasks to complete. I’m realistic in what I know I can achieve, so I’m careful not to list too many things which result in disappointment.
I like to segment my day, i.e. time allocating certain tasks. For example, giving myself 1.5hr blocks is the right amount of time to stay focused and not be tempted to fuss about. This helps keep me on track and accountable for the work day ahead. 

Dress for the Occasion
Dressing is a huge part of my confidence and helps prepare me for certain occasions. It’s not unusual to have a few outfit changes throughout the day.

It’s amazing how a suit jacket with heels can help channel a professional attitude or that I look forward to exercise by slipping into new yoga pants. A good tip is to have a spare change of attire at your desk, as you never know when you may be sprung with a meeting on Casual Friday.

Nutrition is Key
Starting the day with a wholesome and nutritious meal can help keep you on task. Rather than eat a small breakfast and have your stomach rumble and rule your head to take you to the fridge or snack draw every half hour, plan a meal that you know will keep you satisfied.
Since you have the day ahead of you, opt for complex carbohydrates in the morning such as oats, wholemeal sourdough toast or muesli, which not only feeds your brain but will also be burnt off over the day. Protein and a small portion of fat is also a must as these two ingredients will keep you satiated.

Tidy Desk Clean Office
Having a messy workspace is said to influence your brain and the more clutter, the more disorganised you may be. I make it a point to clear my desk after a working day so I can arrive the next morning ready to attack the day.

I also like to have some greenery in my workspace, which studies have shown to increase concentration and improve mental wellbeing.

Alison Morgan is one of Australia’s leading Business Coaches, specialising in helping health, fitness, wellness and lifestyle businesses grow their brand and profile. With over 20 years experience in Marketing and over 6 years of private Business Coaching clients with her company, Alison knows how to create successful businesses. Alison is based in Sydney and Business Coaches with clients throughout Australia.

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