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PERKii, the University of Queensland University probiotic drink that is enjoyed across Australia by those who care about their health and wellbeing, has this week partnered with meal kit delivery service, HelloFresh, to deliver a gut health Australian first.

Hundreds of thousands of health-conscious Aussies, who’s households subscribe to HelloFresh have received a special ‘perk’ in their deliveries this week with bottles of PERKii delivered to HelloFresh homes across Australia.

With probiotics having been shown to improve gut health, boost immunity and improve mental health, thousands of Australians will finish this week feeling a billion times better than usual after receiving their PERKii inclusion with their HelloFresh delivery.

Many probiotic products are limited by poor stability, high sugar content, unfavourable taste and low survival through the acidic stomach, however with only 37 calories and just one and a half teaspoons of sugar from apples, PERKii is leading the way in better-for-you beverages.

PERKii is using its work with HelloFresh to further educate Australians on better probiotic options, too the commonly known kombucha, who has low probiotic counts and a distinctive flavour.

The University of Queensland developed patented technology, ProGel™ acts as an armour-plated layer that protects the good bacteria through the stomach, to the intestine where they can really make a difference. The ProGel™ microencapsulation technology allows the encapsulation of probiotics on scale delivering a protected probiotic undetectable by mouth and resistant to acidic environments like the stomach.

Combining this science-based technology and research with great taste and countless health benefits, PERKii is disrupting the health-drink industry and fast becoming the number one choice with discerning customers who are more informed than ever and highly conscious of what they are putting into their bodies.

CEO of PERKii Probiotics, Matthew Kowal has commented, “PERKii is proud to use our approach of ‘better for you’ to have created a probiotic drink that not only tastes great, but that also makes you feel your best.

“HelloFresh is a company that believes in the same vision of improving Australians’ lives that we do at PERKii and partnering with them this week has been the perfect vehicle to promote our brand to people who are wanting to look after their health and wellbeing.”

PERKii wants to improve Australians lives by encouraging them to be the best version of themselves by ensuring their physical and mental health is at its optimum. With the links between gut and mental health being a proven science, a daily dose of PERKii is aimed to support a balanced diet and help everyone, everyday feel more alive, inside and out.

PERKii iiNSIDERS OFFER: All first-time HelloFresh customers quoting PERKII40 will receive 40% off their first order [box].

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