Sitting At A Desk All Day? Here’s 4 Ways To Burn Extra Calories


Ever wondered how to turn your sedentary sitting hours into a calorie burning mission? Alison Morgan has, and lucky for us she's sharing her top 4 tips to burn calories while sitting at your desk all day.

We know that all too familiar feeling which comes hand in hand with running your business or having a corporate job …. It can add to the stress, fatigue and can even cause anxiety.

The importance of continued movement throughout the day, beyond morning exercise, is key for optimal productivity, health and livelihood. But how do you slay the sedentary time and keep the calories burning when you're chained to your desk each day? Well I'm glad you asked...

Tip 1. Extra Movement

How can you add more movement into your day?

I have a home office, which allows the luxury of some movements you may not catch me making in the office… To give you a couple of examples;

  • while the kettle is boiling, I jog on the spot
  • many of my meetings are run via Skype, so as the application is loading; I stand and stretch …

Find something that works for you in your environment. A little : often can add up throughout the day. It also adds to productivity & energy while keeping the blood flowing.

How you can add some additional movements within your day without it impacting on your work time?


Tip 2. Fit Ball or Standing Desk

I use an adjustable standing desk which allows me to sit or stand, depending on how I’m feeling. An alternative is a Fit Ball, which can be interchanged with your chair.

Alternating between standing and sitting throughout the day helps increase calories burnt, along with improving your posture. I find it also gives my mind a change of scenery too!


Tip 3. Social Media on the Go!

I’m on Social Media a few times a day for work. Rather than sitting at the desk while I do this, I take a walk during this time. It’s only ever a 5-10 minute walk, however it’s a fabulous way to keep moving while still getting a job done.

Is there a simple job you can complete while moving away from your desk? Perhaps it’s even making a phone call…


Tip 4. Hydrate

Keeping well hydrated is fabulous for maintaining a healthy metabolism. I add a few drops of Cilk Rose Extract to my glass to keep the water interesting. Or if you're after an easier way to take your probiotics, plus help tick off your daily water requirements a probiotic water such as PERKii will go a long way to helping you hit your daily probiotic quota while also staying hydrated.

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