The Best Way to Start Running


Are you already in the habit of regular exercise? Want to add running to your routine? You’re ready to run if you’ve spent at least two weeks walking or doing some other form of exercise (like using a stationary bike or an elliptical trainer) on a regular basis—roughly 30 minutes per day, three or four days per week roughly.

Here are some tips below to get started with running:

1. Start with walks with intermittent runs in it. It’s tempting for us to go all out for as long as we can. You’ll ultimately run longer, feel stronger, and stay injury free if we start by adding short bouts of intermittent runs with our walks.

2. Increase your running time by no more than 10% per week, going too hard too fast can cause common injuries such as shin splints, IT band syndrome, and runner’s knee which can sideline you.

3. Grab a supportive pair of sneakers, worn out shoes are a leading cause of injury

4. Whether you start on a treadmill or the road, or on a trial make sure you find something comfortable for you. Tracks around the neighbourhood are a great one to take first steps since its flat, traffic free and most have markings on the ground for distance.

5. Take breaks if you need to this will help with fatigue and prevent you from doing too much too soon.

6. Don’t eat too much before a run a small fruit is the way to go

To sum it up, don’t go too all out and too fast, slowly add running to your routine. Find your style whether it be treadmill or outdoor tracks, get a pair of supportive shoes and take regular breaks.

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