Top 5 Ways to Improve your Gut Health


Increasing evidence is emerging now days about gut health and how vitally important it is to our health and wellbeing… maybe even the key.

More and more research is showing that the balance of those little guys in our gut are related to our mood, mental focus, immune system and even conditions like depression.

Given the importance of a healthier gut, PERKii have dished up 5 simple ways to keep your gut health on track and have you feeling a billion times better in no time.


1. Go high on wholefoods

If there is one message you are taking away from reading this article, it should be this. Eat wholefoods when you can and give refined carbohydrates or processed foods a break. Eating wholefoods will reward your body with the goodness of fibre and other essential nutrients our body needs for regulation of gut health.


2. Go slow on the sugar

While we have known for some time that too much sugar is not good for our body, recent research is revealing that it may also be changing our gut flora. Having lots of sugar in your diet will promote the growth of sugar-loving bacteria in our gut and can result in cravings for more sugar. Depriving them of sugar often produces bacterial toxins which can leave you feeling poorly.


3. Swap to better fats

A diet which is high in saturated and trans fat (also known as bad fats) has been linked to many chronic diseases, including gastrointestinal disorders. Polyunsaturated fats (which includes omega 3 and 6) help promote the growth of a healthy gut microbiota.


4. Load up on fermented foods

If you haven’t jumped on the fermented foods bandwagon, it’s time. Foods like sauerkraut and kimchi are probiotic powerhouses that will nourish the bacteria in your gut and are incredibly low in kilojoules, so aim for a serving a day.


5. Make probiotics a daily habit

Probiotic water can be a convenient and effective way to get your daily gut boost and is also an excellent option if you’re lactose intolerant or seeking a lower kilojoule drink. For example, PERKii Probiotic Water is packed with billions of armour-plated probiotics (meaning they have greater survival capabilities through the stomach acid to the gut) and also contain the lactobacillus casei strain which has been scientifically linked to a whole host of health benefits.


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*This article was adapted from content written by accredited practicing dietitians and PERKii contributors, Anika Rouf and Emma Williams.

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