University Smarts Making Probiotics More Powerful


Gut health and the probiotic conversation is everywhere but as more quality clinical research arises to strengthen claims of clinical studies, just as many more outline the pitfalls and limited efficacy of consumer products. Until now.

"Probiotic", meaning "for life" or "for health" are a friendly bacteria that work in our intestines restoring natural balance to help regulate its microorganisms and intern digestive and its associated health systems.

Fast becoming a benchmark ingredient for what is consider a healthy diet in popular media, research is being shared daily to show the effects of probiotics across a range of conditions, not only gut health and associated illnesses but also immunity, skin, cognitive and emotion management and more.

Until recently, there has been debated notions as to the effect of orally consumed probiotics with primary concerns about the ability of probiotics surviving on shelf or through the acidic stomach acids to reach the activation areas of the intestine.

But now, thanks to research and a new technology from the University of Queensland there is a way to protect the probiotics.

ProGel Technology

ProGel, an ability to encapsulate active ingredients in an organic seaweed microgel (developed by Professor Bhesh Bhandari), has teamed up with PERKii Probiotics to develop a new way to deliver your positive probiotic dose.

By encapsulating the probiotics, PERKii has been able to create a water-based, lactose free drink for the Australian market that stabilises a highly-researched Lactobacillus casei strain LC431, in a refreshing fruit flavoured format.

Surrounding with billions of CFU (colony forming units) of probiotic, the technology has an ability to provide a protective coating against acidic environments, before releasing the probiotics in the more alkaline intestinal environment where they can colonise.

A secondary benefit of the technology has been the ability to stabilise and prevent fermentation, allowing the drinks to be low-calorie (26) with less need for sugars, while avoiding any of the normally associated vinegary or bitter after taste of probiotic drinks.

The ultimate effect has been to create a beneficial probiotic delivery system with a wider attraction to those that are lactose intolerant or taste-adverse to the fermented probiotic food and drinks.

One for us all to enjoy.

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