What is your love tank aka self love?

Written by iinsider, Kitty Chao. 

"You can only love others and the world to the depth in which you love yourself." – Anonymous

What is your love tank? This blog talks about our love tank and checking in on your love tank. Because that's what we're aiming to refill. So often when we're feeling drained, tired, unmotivated, stressed, anxious or worried, it's because we're running low or on empty love tank without even realising it. 

How does our tank become low? 

Our tank becomes low when we give too much of ourselves to others, without replenishing the tank. So we exhaust ourselves, we travel as far as we can and ignore the signs our body and mind tell us, only to end up in a state where we feel drained. Our body often gives us hints and clues as to our love tank approaching empty, but if we're not listening to our body or ignoring the signs, we start to run very low and run the risk of burning out. 

Does that sound like you? Giving too much of yourself, even if you have very little left to give? Even when you know you're taking from yourself, but you want to be able to help others? 

Rather than taking from ourselves to give to others, like so many of us do, we need to learn to give our love from a place of abundance and overflow; where our tank is filled to the brim and beyond, such that we can give away our excess love without taking from ourselves and depleting our own love for ourselves.

We'll learn to love from a place of abundance, not from a place of lack. When we're in this state of love overflowing, we feel more fulfilled, energised, happier and often "in the zone". It's easier to be motivated and our core is in alignment with what it is that we're doing; friendships and relationships are easier as a result. 

How do you fill up your love tank?

  • take an opportunity to have a bath,
  • go for a long walk alone or
  • find a quiet spot outside in nature, free from distractions and to be honest with yourself sit and reflect

Really sit with your heart, and your mind whilst in this space and listen to your body, feel the signs that your body is telling you, are there situations, people, that drain you is your love tank being filled or drained?

Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Only you can figure out what fills your love tank, your body will feel #abilliontimesbetter and thank you for it.

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