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Why You Need a Mantra in 2018


I have a good friend who tells himself, over and over again, “I am sunshine”.

I didn’t know he had this personal mantra when we first met, but what I did know was that he always lit up a room.

I’m going to tell you a sneaky little secret now, something that I have never admitted out loud before (to anyone)… I have a personal mantra too. I tell myself, over and over, “I am a Warrior”.

I’ts not just something I say, I read it too. I have it printed and stuck to my mirror, on my vision board, and posted on my wall. I read it all the time, and then I say it over and over again.

I do this because once upon a time, its what I always dreamed I would be. And guess what, I’ve said it so many times over the last two years that now I actually know that’s what I am.

I am a warrior.

It makes me feel like I can do anything. It makes me feel the way I need to feel to kick goals every single day. It gives me energy, drive, and enthusiasm. It has me asking the question, when things get tough, what would a warrior do?

Would they lay in bed and cry when things get overwhelming? (sooooo tempting) Or would they get up and spring into action? Would they finish that giant tub of ice-cream while watching twelve straight episodes of the latest Netflix? (it’d be so easy to do!) Or would they get off the couch and finish another module of study, work on their business plan, or smash out work out they’ve been saying they’re going to do?

Telling myself that I am a warrior, over and over, makes me a warrior. Just like my dear friend knows he can light up any room.

A mantra helps you to become what you want, what you’ve always dreamed you can be.
So.. the real question is, what do you want? Who do you want to be?

Take some time this January to find out what your dreams are made of and then put it into a mantra. Plaster that dream everywhere! Put it on your car dash, next to your toilet, or above your bed. Say it to yourself, over and over, every single day.

By the end of 2018, I promise, you’ll be the very best you you’ve always dreamed you could be.


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