Why Your Partner’s Performance May be Lacking and How to Perk Him Up With Probiotics!


It’s a sad truth that our libido comes and goes. At first, you can barely keep up with him. He’s the stud muffin that dreams are made of, and you’re the saucy little minx he never thought he’d find.

Then time goes by. Life gets in the way, and before you know it you’re scheduling “special time” in every other week. Your once-upon-a-time bedroom conquests are starting to feel more difficult than summiting Everest.  There’s a ton of talk out there on romance and libido, and as many reasons spouted as to why a bedroom lull could occur. But we’ve got a new one for you: poor gut health.

Research has now shown that our favourite new health trend, probiotics, are the answer to your bedroom woes. An article published in Sciencexpress demonstrates that gut bacteria can regulate the sex-hormone, testosterone. So, increasing your daily dose of probiotics may be increasing your sex-drive too.

It’s no secret that testosterone is the main ingredient in increased sex drive. Yet as we age our bodies change, meaning we will not be the same 20-year-old testosterone driven stud all our life.

Artificial testosterone treatments can work to increase your sex drive. However, in Psychology Today, Eric Haseltine Ph.D. reveals such treatments don’t always work. He explains that if the testosterone were to be naturally administered, ie through food, then this treatment could be the solution.

Most people don’t get nearly enough probiotics in their diet. But don’t worry, we’ve done the hard research to find the best dietary options for you.

Here is a list of a few of our favourite sources for you: 

  1. Kimchi, sauerkraut (and other fermented bits of veggies): These not-so-yummy delights are possibly the oldest source of natural probiotics. They might not be the forerunners on bringing the romance back, as they’re a little smelly and possibly have a few gas side effects!

2. Yoghurt: A traditional favourite, and a great source of probiotics.  Although you have to be careful to watch out for the abundance of sugars and lactose.

3. Probiotic drinks: this new health trend is on the rise, though it could be hard to get your man to chug down the bitter flavour of Kombucha. Luckily, we’ve found a new super yummy health drink out of Queensland called PERKii. Fruit flavoured, low sugar and with some enhanced ‘armour-plated’ probiotics that survive inside the acidic gut. It comes in a smart looking 300 ml bottle with only 26 calories (its sweetened with apple juice and stevia) and it packs a whopping 1 billion probiotics per serve. It’s a tasty little beverage! Which makes this excellent news: not only will getting your daily dose of probiotics be delicious, it could make your partner seem delicious too!

So… start slipping your man his daily dose of probiotics right now, and have a very happy Valentines Day.


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