With our university background and created with the desire to deliver real benefits, PERKii didn't want to stop at purely selling drinks. We wanted to improve the community knowledge on probiotics and general ways to create a culture that's Better For You, so everyone can benefit in their own way.

With that in mind, we've reached out and formed a Better For You Team and work with a range of qualified and inspirational people who endorse probiotics, gut health, good living and the power of better for you attitude. You can enjoy their regular additions to our Blog and follow their experiences through their social and online sites.

Included among those, PERKii is proud to have Kara Landau as a dietician and nutritional advisor and ambassador. Kara's depth of knowledge on gut health and the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics has seen her become a trusted expert, here in Australia and the USA. Learn more on Kara here.


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Good living, great discounts and better gut health - not a bad deal. Sign on the dotted line...

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