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PERKii now available at Coles

To celebrate our Coles launch, we're giving 6 lucky people a gut-loving, immunity-boosting kick to the winter blues. Enter your details to win a PERKii Winter Blues Buster pack: that's a PERKii a day (flavour of your choice) across all 92 days of winter. That's 113Billion probiotics made better for you, so you can feel great inside and out. Come join us in the Atrium on Monday, 29th April to get your free bottle of gut goodness.

It’s our patent-technology that makes us better.

Simply we take great probiotics and make them better. We use world-first technology from the University of Queensland to coat our probiotics, effectively armour-plating them to make them work better for you.

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Meet our ever-growing team of iiNSIDER bloggers

We work with a wide range of qualified and inspirational people who like PERKii, want to improve people's knowledge and ability to better themselves.

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Does my gut bacteria control my appetite?

Ever felt hungry and wondered whether the signals are coming from your brain or your stomach? We’ve all heard our stomach growl when we are hungry but it turns out there may be other reasons for this. Find our why…

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Good living, great discounts and better gut health - not a bad deal. Sign on the dotted line...

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